Product Updates: March 14, 2022
We are
excited for the updates this week! World Builders, you have 2 new pages called
'Shared Scenes'
'Shared Assets'
where you can
share assets and scenes for other admins to use in your world
. Also, we have a shiny
new color selector
with a clickable color wheel for choosing a text color or background color.
PNGs, JPGs, and WEBP images can now be embedded in assets
using the 'Web Link' field, and
have an enhanced viewing experienced
in world with our
new image viewer
Shared Scenes and Assets
World Builders, there's a new 'Share' toggle in your Library's 'My Assets' and 'My Scenes' pages. Flip this to 'ON' in either page, and your asset or scene will be added to a new 'Shared Assets' or 'Shared Scenes' page (depending on what you shared)
for the world you're currently in
. Admins for that world can then use these assets or scenes to help co-create your world!
Frame 28
Color Selector Field
Gone are the days of a hex code being the
way to change text asset color and background color in your world. Now, you can
a color from a color wheel, enter RGB values,
enter a hex code.
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Open Image Embed In World
PNGs, JPGs, JPEGs, and WEBP, oh yes! World Builders can now embed these statically-hosted image types in assets by pasting an image's URL in the 'Link' page's 'Web Link' field. Guests who then click an asset with an embedded image can view the image in world.
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New Image Viewer
Previewing scenes and assets in Topia just got so much better. Everyone can now zoom in and out and move preview images anywhere on their screen with either the keyboard or mouse. The new viewer works when viewing an image with the new embed functionality (see previous feature), too!
If you have feedback on how we can improve Topia, submit a new idea, vote, or comment on other ideas in our Feature Requests Board.