💬 Create new messages in Dashboard
Create a new message by clicking the new plus (+) button from Messages in Dashboard. This will give you a list of friends and users that you have previously direct messaged. Messages that you create from Dashboard will also be available in worlds.
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👯 Group messages in Dashboard
Use the “New Group” option while creating a new message in Dashboard to create a new group message. Once in a group message, you can add or remove participants and close the group (if you're a Group Admin) and leave the group (if you're a participant).
  • Note:
    Group messages can only be created with friends.
May-23-2023 12-36-35
🦋 New Avatar: Butterfly
Fly, soar, and sit on a flower as the Butterfly. Oh, and a plant will grow from the ground when you throw any emote!
May-08-2023 15-48-35
✋ New Emote: Raise Hand
Use this new emote to let others know you have a question, or just have something to say!
This emote is only available with the Original Topi.
May-08-2023 15-50-58
🖱️ [Beta] Interactive Layer
This new Modify Asset setting allows world builders to choose which layer (top, bottom, all) is interactive for guests. After you’ve chosen an option and added a Link, an outline will display around the interactive layer while in edit mode. You can use this to verify that the correct layer is interactive before you finish editing.
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🗄️ Current Guests drawer view
The Current Guests page has been replaced with a drawer. This means that you'll have full access to Current Guests and the canvas at the same time! Also, the Current Guests page in World Settings has been deprecated, and all admin actions have been migrated to the new drawer.
Apr-27-2023 09-54-49
👤 Profile Summary
Clicking on a Display Name for a user who has a profile will show a summary of their profile details, an online indicator, and user actions. From here, you can view profile, send a message or friend request, report, or block. Admins have additional actions to ban from the world or chat channels and remove from the world.
Apr-27-2023 09-40-04
🧑 Refreshed profile drawer
Use walk to, send message, and send friend request actions from the refreshed profile. Also, we added the online indicator and reorganized the layout.
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New action organization
Safety actions are grouped together as options within the new “Safety Actions” button. In addition, Similar actions are grouped together and have icons in current guests, channels, direct messages, and profiles.
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🚫 Ban from all channels
Moderators can use the “Ban from channels” action in the channel message overflow menu, current guests page, and profile summary to ban a guest from using chat channels. A channel banned guest will be unable to send messages in chat channels until they are unbanned from the new “Channel Bans” table on the Banned Guests page in World Settings.
🖐️ Report after blocking
When you block a user, you’ll see a modal that asks you to fill out a report. This provides Moderators with critical information that they can use to potentially ban bad actors.
💬 Direct Messages in Dashboard
View and reply to existing Direct Messages from Dashboard. All users will find a new “Messages” menu item that will take them to a list of all of their Direct Messages.
Message view
📱 Dashboard mobile version
Account Dashboard is now accessible from mobile devices! View and portal to your recently visited worlds and view and reply to existing Direct Messages.
👯‍♀️ More social actions
Send direct messages and view other users’ profiles from the Current Guests page, channel message overflow menu, and profile drawer. Also, you can now walk to another guest’s location by clicking “Walk To” from their profile drawer.
🎙️ Mute microphone for all
Selecting the “Mute” action on another guest’s video will now reveal a new action for admins: “Mute for all.” This action will turn off a guest’s microphone for everyone in the world. The guest can unmute themselves at any time.
🙈 AFK turns off mic and camera
Your microphone and camera will be automatically turned off if you are not connected to anyone and Topia is not in focus in your browser for more than 30 seconds.
Asset library menu redesign
All lists of assets are now accessible from the “Assets” menu item. Both drawer and page views of assets are accessible from this menu item.
Screenshot 2023-03-28 at 9
World Builder Mode
Clicking the new “Assets” Library menu option or "B" on your keyboard will start World Builder Mode. A list of asset images will display in the Library drawer, which can be filtered using the dropdown or filter results fields.
Screenshot 2023-03-28 at 9
Clicking the dropdown filter will show a list of options that will allow you to switch between all lists of assets. Also, the drawer will stay open while you’re making asset changes (for example, dropping an asset) in your world.
Mar-28-2023 09-25-58
Clicking the “Table View” button will take you to a table view with additional columns of information on each asset. Similarly to World Builder Mode, you can use the filters at the top of the page to switch between lists and filter results.
Mar-28-2023 09-27-30
Drop an asset multiple times
Select an asset tile and then click the canvas multiple times to continue dropping the same asset. Pressing the escape key or clicking on the same tile or a new tile will stop this behavior.
Mar-28-2023 09-29-10
Infinite scroll for lists
The time is now to joyfully free fall through lists of assets, scenes, guests, and more. Make sure to use sorting to see the end of a list if needed.
Mar-28-2023 09-31-29
6️⃣ Sign in with a 6-digit code
Email and sign in password has been replaced with 6-digit code sign in. When you enter your email to sign in, a verification code will be sent to your email inbox. Entering this in to Topia will allow you to enter the world with no need to reload the page.
Screenshot 2023-03-28 at 9
Block chat messages with banned words
Messages with banned words will be blocked from sending in chat channels and direct messages. Users will receive a notification letting them know that their message contains inappropriate language.
More safety actions
Guests can now block other guests that they’re not connected with by video and audio from the Current Guests page and Direct Messages. Also, moderators can now remove and ban guests from the world from the Current Guests page.
⌨️ Keyboard only guest experience
The entire guest experience is navigable using only a keyboard. Any UI element can be navigated to using the keyboard commands below. Also, use hot 🔥 keys to turn of your microphone or video and open the expressions container.
  • Tab:
    Navigate focus through sections and indexable elements
  • Shift + Tab:
    Reverse navigate focus through sections and indexable elements
  • Esc:
    Removes focus from current element and closes modals, pages, and drawers if no element is in focus
  • Enter or Space:
    Interact with an element
  • Up:
    Navigate within an element group and move your avatar up
  • Left:
    Navigate within an element group and move your avatar left
  • Down
    : Navigate within an element group and move your avatar down
  • Right:
    Navigate within an element group and move your avatar right
  • W:
    Move your avatar up
  • A:
    Move your avatar left
  • S:
    Move your avatar down
  • D:
    Move your avatar right
  • E:
    Open expressions container
  • M:
    Microphone on/off (Self)
  • V:
    Video on/off (Self)
🧑‍🚀 New Avatar: Astronaut
Both admins and guests can choose a new astronaut avatar when entering worlds! Yes, this avatar does drive a moon rover. 🌝
Mar-16-2023 09-20-52
🔗 Force Links to open in a drawer
This new setting is available in the Links page when modifying an asset (make sure “Open a Website, Tool, or Game” is selected). When on, links will be opened in a drawer iFrame that slides open from the left side of the screen.
Feb-17-2023 10-47-50
Public Keys in my world
A new table on the Integrations (previously labeled Webhooks & Notifications) page in World Settings provides visibility into what interactive assets are present in your world. Each table row specifies the public key, total number of assets where its attached, and total number of assets where the key is active (meaning, the "Add player session credentials" settings is
Frame 1
Tour for new users
For new users, an
product tour will start after device permissions are given. The following topics will be covered in the tour: how to move, how to connect to others, where and what is the toolbar, and where and what is My Account.
🔗 Account Integrations moved to Dashboard
(view page)
Generate interactive key pairs (more on this below) and an account-level API Key from Dashboard. Also, you’ll find documentation that teaches you how to use Topia’s SDK and Public API to build your own Topia-integrated middleware applications.
Frame 1
Generate interactive key pairs
On the new Dashboard page (see above), click “Add Key Pair” to create a public and private key pair. Developers can add the public key to the “Developer Public Key” field when modifying an asset. This public key will allow other users to drop and use “interactive” (middleware integrated) scenes acquired from Marketplace. The private key should be added to middleware applications to initialize an instance of the Topia SDK.
This week's updates include many system-wide changes that will
decrease loading times to enter and interact in worlds
. Also, you'll notice
additional error messages
auto-scrolling to required fields
, and
consistent layout
when using fields and forms to enter worlds, create worlds, and more 💗.
Faster loading times in worlds
Our engineering team spent the last few weeks re-architecting how worlds load. You'll notice a significant improvement in overall system performance and faster loading times when first entering a world and once you're interacting inside a world.
😌 A more intuitive form experience
Forms and fields when entering worlds, creating worlds and editing assets now have consistent error handling, and will scroll to the field that requires attention before saving or submitting. Also, you'll see a red asterisk next to required fields and consistent naming and placement of submit, save, and cancel buttons.
On the eve of February, we've released
a new avatar for admins
and a
"your microphone is muted" notification
so that your friend (or enemy 👀) doesn't have to tell you that your mic is muted.
Your microphone is muted notification
A solve to the classic scenario: You are giving the greatest monologue in the history of the metaverse, but your microphone is muted. This shall happen no more! You’ll receive a notification below your video letting you know your microphone is muted, if audio is detected and you’re on mute.
Jan-31-2023 09-29-09
A new avatar appeared (for Admins)
Admins will find a new avatar to choose from when entering worlds. This will allow guests to visually identify an admin quickly when they need help. Yes, the new avatar does ride a Segway, and yes, it is wearing a vest 🤩.
Jan-30-2023 11-17-03
Jan-30-2023 11-27-55
If you have feedback on how we can improve Topia, submit a new idea, vote, or comment on other ideas in our Feature Requests Board.
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