Product Updates: Tuesday, June 21, 2022
Summer has begun in the northern hemisphere, and Topia has released another batch of 🔥 features!
Change the Aspect Ratio, Width, and Height of the 'Video Player (Clean)' asset
, check out the
refreshed color palette and typography
in all worlds, and
start using the Current Guests page from Social Hub
📐Video Player (Clean) Scaling
World Builders, there are 3 new fields in modify asset town when editing the 'Video Player (Clean)' asset: Aspect Ratio, Width, and Height! Selecting either '16:9' or '4:3' as an aspect ratio will preserve that aspect ratio when editing width or height. Selecting 'Custom' as an aspect ratio will allow you to customize your width and height freely, regardless of aspect ratio!
Jun-21-2022 15-37-47
🎨 Color & Typography Glow Up!
You may have noticed a fresh coat of (digital) paint and a new set of fonts in your world(s)! We refreshed both the color palette and typography across all worlds to better communicate our new branding and improve accessibility.
Frame 14
➡️ 'Current Guests' moved to Social Hub!
We found that users were frequently searching for this feature in Social Hub. So, we gave the 'Current Guests' page (previously found in 'This World') a new home in Social Hub!
If you have feedback on how we can improve Topia, submit a new idea, vote, or comment on other ideas in our Feature Requests Board.
Product Updates: Monday, June 6, 2022
As Spring comes to an end, the weather heats up... and so do the updates from Topia's design and engineering teams! 🔥🔥🔥 We've
increased both the Topi walking and biking speeds
(the biking speed is now x2 as fast as walking). Also, we
ability to send a friend request using an email address
2 spawn radius fields
(1 for portals and 1 for the worlds' spawn points)! Lastly (and certainly not least-ly), we are now compressing all images that are uploaded to Topia in an effort to create a smooth system performance in all worlds! Woohoo!
🏃‍♀️💨 Increased Topi Speed
Oh, yes we did. Your Topi now moves more quickly when walking
biking. Who needs cars, planes, and trains? Traverse entire worlds with
using your Topi's newfound need for walking and biking speed.
Jun-07-2022 09-13-56
👋 Send A Friend Request By Email
There's a new Social Hub page in town, and it wants to be your friend! Also, it wants you to use it to send friend requests to friends using an email address. If the email address you sent the friend request doesn't have a Topia account, they'll receive an email with an invite to sign up, create a username and accept the friend request.
Jun-07-2022 09-16-11
⭕️ Customizable Spawn Radius
World Builders, there are 2 new fields in town: 'Spawn Radius' and ‘Portal Spawn Radius!’ Use them to control how far apart guests spawn at your spawn point (X and Y coordinates) when they portal into your world or enter normally. ‘Spawn Radius’ can be found on the Layout & Location page in your World Settings, and ‘Portal Spawn Radius’ can be found on the Links page when modifying an asset’s portal.
Frame 13 (1)
Image Compression
All images uploaded to Topia will now be automatically compressed to a smaller file size! This will ensure that you, World Builders, are able to upload and use large images when building and system performance in your world continues to run smoothly. The maximum image upload size is 50 MB. Please reach out us in the #help-and-support if you have questions or need additional information!
If you have feedback on how we can improve Topia, submit a new idea, vote, or comment on other ideas in our Feature Requests Board.
Product Updates: Monday, May 23, 2022
Hello, fellow Topians! 📣 This week, there are 2 new updates to our Layers page, including a new field called 'Display Layer' that allows you to switch a single layer asset to a top or bottom layer! Also, we started on a series of optimizations that we're making to video and audio feeds, including removing the video or audio feed blink when transitioning to screenshare.
Change ‘Display Layer’ For Single Layer Assets
World Builders, remember that time you uploaded a single layer asset as a top layer, but later decided it would be better as a bottom layer? Well, now there’s a field to painlessly make that change: Display Layer! When modifying a single layer asset, you’ll see this new field on the Layers page.
Frame 36
Preview Images for Multi-Layer Assets
Top layer and bottom layer preview images are now visible on the Layers page when editing a multi-layer asset!
Frame 37
If you have feedback on how we can improve Topia, submit a new idea, vote, or comment on other ideas in our Feature Requests Board.
Product Updates: Saturday, May 14, 2022
We have a
release for you this week that includes
so many
amazing updates. We launched
temporary capacity increases, capacity overage support, auto-resizing video and audio tiles when a drawer is open,
and more. No, this isn't a trick! 🎩 Go to a Topia world and see them for yourselves!
⏱ Temporary Capacity Increases
Planning an event where you're expecting an extra 100 guests? No problem! We've built an entire new system where World Owners can purchase and schedule capacity increases when they're expecting a short-term spike in total guests in their world. Capacity increases will be billed per user capacity per day.
May-16-2022 08-42-56
📈 Capacity Overage Support
There's a powerful new toggle titled "Allow Capacity Overages" in your Billing settings, World Owners. When on, your world’s capacity will automatically scale beyond the maximum when exceeded. Overages will be billed per user capacity per day.
Frame 35
Auto-Resizing Video and Audio Tiles
Yes, we’ve done it! Video and audio tiles now automatically resize and move when you’ve opened a drawer so that you never miss out any social action.
May-16-2022 08-38-32
Confirmation Tooltip
Ah, the tooltip. One of the great wonders of the internet. We’ve replaced our confirmation modals in all drawers and pages with confirmation tooltips when using a delete button. This change will ensure that you (yes, you) will be able to confirm deletion without a pesky modal taking over your screen.
May-16-2022 08-51-46
If you have feedback on how we can improve Topia, submit a new idea, vote, or comment on other ideas in our Feature Requests Board.
Product Updates: Monday, May 9, 2022
Hello, fellow inhabitants of the Topia universe!👽 We are releasing a very important
update to pricing
(read the full update here), which includes new plans, new prices, an annual subscription discount for new subscriptions, and more.
🏷 2022 Pricing Update
Topia's new pricing encompasses multiple important changes to world plans and billing (read the full update here). The updates include 2 new world plans,
In addition, we're saying farewell to our Community plan (though if you already have a Community world, your world, by default will remain at that subscription level). We added a 10% annual discount for any new subscriptions, and a couple of changes to the Free plan.
Frame 32 (1)
🥸 Available World Indicator
Going shopping for a new world? Well, we've got just the update! If a World URL is available, the world entry screen will now display multiple indicators that the URL is available to claim. You'll also have the option of initiating the world creation process (and claiming the URL) directly from the world entry screen. Worlds you own will also have an indicator that you own it!
Enter and Exit World Animation
Prepare to be "wowed" the next time you enter a world or see a friend exit a world! Your Topi is finally revealing their preferred method of travel.
May-09-2022 20-57-47
If you have feedback on how we can improve Topia, submit a new idea, vote, or comment on other ideas in our Feature Requests Board.
Product Updates: Thursday, April 28, 2022
"🎤 It's gonna be May!" Indeed, on the eve of May, we updated the
'Volume' field
in asset Media settings
to be a slider
. Also, guests with Display Names longer than 20 characters will see that their
full Display Name shows in a tool tip
when hovering over their video or audio feed's Display Name.
Improved 'Volume' field control
World Builders, we updated the 'Volume' field in asset Media settings to be adjustable using a slider! This will allow for more granular control of the audio experience in your worlds.
Frame 33
🪪 View Full Display Name Tool Tip
If you have a long Display Name, fear not! When other guests hover over your video or audio feed's Display Name, a tooltip showing your full Display Name will now appear.
Frame 34
If you have feedback on how we can improve Topia, submit a new idea, vote, or comment on other ideas in our Feature Requests Board.
Product Updates: April 11, 2022
It is
Topia's first friending system, Social Hub, is officially live
! Go forth and send many friend requests to your friends, enemies, and friend-emies. Accept them, reject them, or ignore them. The power is now in your Topi's blob-like hands! 🤲
We didn't stop there, of course. We added
2 new Linking options: Display Text
Display an Uploaded Image
👯 Social Hub Launch
Here's to friends, and making new ones on Topia! 🥂 Use Social hub to send and receive friend requests and view your friends' online status. Also, if any of your friends have opted into sharing their location, you'll be able to see the world that they're in and portal to their
location from your friends list.
Frame 31 (1)
💬 Display Text On Asset Click
With but the flick of your Topi's wrist-arm-like-appendage, you'll now be able to display
custom text
when an asset is selected. When modifying an asset, select the new 'Display text' option on the 'Links' page to add text.
Apr-06-2022 16-58-13
🌄 Display An Uploaded Image On Asset Click
Indeed, with but a second wrist flick, you'll now be able to display an
uploaded image
when an asset is selected. Select the new 'Display an Uploaded Image' option on the 'Links' page, upload an image, and unleash the power of images when an asset is clicked!
If you have feedback on how we can improve Topia, submit a new idea, vote, or comment on other ideas in our Feature Requests Board.
Product Update: March 29, 2022
🗣 [Beta] Social Hub Release
We are SO excited to announce the beta release of Social Hub, our first friending system! This initial version includes the ability to send and receive friend requests, manage friends, and see online status. We'll be continuously adding updates over the next few weeks, and working with our Beta Club members to test and provide feedback.
Sign up here if you're interesting in joining Beta Club!
Social Hub
Product Update: March 28, 2022
Happy Spring! 🌷 Many helpful updates hath sprung from the Topia ground this week (Icebreaker for your next Topia event: Does Topia have soil?).
There will never be a guest stranded on broadcast mode again, because they can now
turn broadcast off from their video feed
, or an
admin can do it for them
! Also,
your Topi will continue to stand still or follow when you click an interactive asset
. So, no more Topis going rogue (for now 😈). Unleash the cuteness of your Topi by
setting them as your video feed picture
when your camera is off, and reach out to Topia Support about I
Framing Topia on your platform with Public API
Keys Cheers!
Control Broadcast from Video & Audio Feeds
When broadcasting, guests can now select the broadcast icon in the top-left corner of their video feed to turn broadcasting off for themselves. Also, Managers, Producers, and World Owners can select the triple dot overflow menu on any video feed and toggle on (or off) broadcast all and near.
Mar-28-2022 17-10-24
🤳 Set peer video feed as Topi image (same as Topi color)
Turn your camera off, and let your Topi do the talking for you. Well, your Topi won’t actually talk, but an image of your Topi will be set as the image on your video or audio feed! Use the Topi Color field when entering a world to change the color.
Frame 29
iFraming with Public API Keys
Imagine the ability to embed Topia in your platform with any domain names you use 🤔 Well, that time has arrived, World Owners! Reach out to Topia Support, and we’ll generate a key that you can use to start IFraming Topia anywhere on your platform!
Preserve location & follow when selecting interactive assets
The next time you select an interactive asset while following or standing still, your Topi will
to follow or stand still. No more rogue Topis (for now 😉).
🪑 Share all Assets in a Scene
World Builders, now when you share a scene, all assets associated with that scene will be added to the “Shared Assets” page for that world. This means no more sharing assets in a scene one by one to add them to the ‘Shared Assets’ page. Also, all assets in a scene will be removed from the ‘Shared Assets’ page when the scene is removed.
If you have feedback on how we can improve Topia, submit a new idea, vote, or comment on other ideas in our Feature Requests Board.
Product Updates: March 14, 2022
We are
excited for the updates this week! World Builders, you have 2 new pages called
'Shared Scenes'
'Shared Assets'
where you can
share assets and scenes for other admins to use in your world
. Also, we have a shiny
new color selector
with a clickable color wheel for choosing a text color or background color.
PNGs, JPGs, and WEBP images can now be embedded in assets
using the 'Web Link' field, and
have an enhanced viewing experienced
in world with our
new image viewer
Shared Scenes and Assets
World Builders, there's a new 'Share' toggle in your Library's 'My Assets' and 'My Scenes' pages. Flip this to 'ON' in either page, and your asset or scene will be added to a new 'Shared Assets' or 'Shared Scenes' page (depending on what you shared)
for the world you're currently in
. Admins for that world can then use these assets or scenes to help co-create your world!
Frame 28
Color Selector Field
Gone are the days of a hex code being the
way to change text asset color and background color in your world. Now, you can
a color from a color wheel, enter RGB values,
enter a hex code.
Recording 2022-03-14 at 15
Open Image Embed In World
PNGs, JPGs, JPEGs, and WEBP, oh yes! World Builders can now embed these statically-hosted image types in assets by pasting an image's URL in the 'Link' page's 'Web Link' field. Guests who then click an asset with an embedded image can view the image in world.
Frame 27
New Image Viewer
Previewing scenes and assets in Topia just got so much better. Everyone can now zoom in and out and move preview images anywhere on their screen with either the keyboard or mouse. The new viewer works when viewing an image with the new embed functionality (see previous feature), too!
If you have feedback on how we can improve Topia, submit a new idea, vote, or comment on other ideas in our Feature Requests Board.
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