Product Updates: April 11, 2022
It is
Topia's first friending system, Social Hub, is officially live
! Go forth and send many friend requests to your friends, enemies, and friend-emies. Accept them, reject them, or ignore them. The power is now in your Topi's blob-like hands! 🤲
We didn't stop there, of course. We added
2 new Linking options: Display Text
Display an Uploaded Image
👯 Social Hub Launch
Here's to friends, and making new ones on Topia! 🥂 Use Social hub to send and receive friend requests and view your friends' online status. Also, if any of your friends have opted into sharing their location, you'll be able to see the world that they're in and portal to their
location from your friends list.
Frame 31 (1)
💬 Display Text On Asset Click
With but the flick of your Topi's wrist-arm-like-appendage, you'll now be able to display
custom text
when an asset is selected. When modifying an asset, select the new 'Display text' option on the 'Links' page to add text.
Apr-06-2022 16-58-13
🌄 Display An Uploaded Image On Asset Click
Indeed, with but a second wrist flick, you'll now be able to display an
uploaded image
when an asset is selected. Select the new 'Display an Uploaded Image' option on the 'Links' page, upload an image, and unleash the power of images when an asset is clicked!
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